Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hecklescakes Collective.

This site is currently being squatted as the New Hecklescakes Domination Committee has gone to develope another site for resale. Any attempt at evicting us from this site will be met with the full force of the law. Do not attempt to evict us, or we will call the pigs. We are the Hecklescakes collective.

Anarchists together can fight for a better world, as long as we don't have any form of hierachy whatsoever. Rupert would like to state that this is very important. He's great, he's got smelly hair, lots of money and is definately the most popular. If there were a hierarchy, rupert would be in charge, but as he isn't in charge, we feel we have the moral high ground.

In the interests of protecting the squatters movement from evil hierarchical structures, we are starting a weekly newspaper called 'Remember Kronstadt!'. Ruperts dad is going to fund it so that we don't have to sell it like those authoritarian SWP bastards.

They say they're working class but they're not. Rupert has a job. He works for his dad in a radical software marketing collective. He represents the real working class, not like those SWP bastards who do things like work on the fascist London Underground, who charge people for their tickets and only help to undermine the arguments for localised collectives.

Now fuck off, or we'll antagonise all of your vapid idiotic ideas right out of you in one fell swoop.


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Hmm, where were you this weekend?

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