Friday, May 19, 2006

Scarey Things

We would like to inform readers that they should be more scared. Scarey things are happening all the time. People don't talk to each other on the tube for a reason. They are scared. You should be more scared otherwise somebody may do something nasty to you. In order for people to adjust to being more scared, we would like readers to share stories of nasty things that have been done to them by strangers.

If you haven't yet sewn your buttocks together, you'd better get on with it before things get any more scarey.

NHDC 'Putting buttocks first.'


Blogger valueaddedman said...

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4:26 AM  
Blogger valueaddedman said...

"nasty things that have been done to them by strangers." - I think the news has plenty of this already HD. Like the new direction though. Personally I avoid strangers as I am too scared.

4:28 AM  

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