Monday, September 25, 2006

He's started to mutter to himself!

He knows he's going, we knows he's going. Best of all, he wants to go. Look at the way he soldiers on bravely, while all of those other nasty politicians fight each other and annoy the public.

In Manchester we were shouting 'Smooth transition please, and stop the infighting because it really is most tiresome!', not 'Troops out, Blair out!'

At the party conference yesterday, a few lickspittles got up and made speeches about his legacy, and the best thing is that when they finished he genuinly looked confused. If you see it on the news look carefully, it's as if he's thinking 'What? But I was only in it for the money.'

The best thing is, he's started to mutter to himself. I saw him on news 24 last night walking past a gaggle of photographers and he could just audibly be heard saying 'Ah, yesk well shivers me timbers, cuh cuh cuh.'

It must be hard trying to hold on to power by the fingernails, whilst shoving a load of blue skies thinking onto a population that would shoot, but are too polite.

I think it's going to be very messy indeed. Brown has left it too late, the best he can hope for is being caretaker for a bit. Blair isn't going to leave with any dignity whatsoever. He is going to crack up in front of our eyes. He's been in denial for too long. He still thinks he can turn it around and garner adoration as he leaves. The Blairites are humouring him, not supporting him.

Wise words about the unions from comrade 'Black Dog'

Ex-minister Peter Mandelson has warned union bosses not to think they can use the Labour leadership contest to win back their old power in the party.

Mr Mandelson, a close Blair ally, said the trade unions were the "ballast" of the Labour Party and their contribution should be welcomed.

Now, what does one do with ballast on a ship in a storm?

The unions will take the opportunity, if they have any nouse, to flex their muscles. The movement will continue to spring up and bite chunks out of his ass in variouse guises. And Blair will start to mutter more and more.

I don't want to see him crying like Thatcher. I want to see him led out of Downing Street by nice men in white coates, muttering to himself and fighting off imaginary bats.

One last thing, go and see 'Children of men' it's the best film I've seen in yonks.


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