Friday, September 22, 2006


Try this. Next time you're on a demonstration, leave it and walk through a shopping centre. People look strange. Instead of engaging in a mass experience, they are shopping. Quite natural really. (Bollocks! I've just dropped my cigarette in my tea.) It's more or less the same if you leave a football match and go into a shopping centre, but not quite. (Cue Top-Gear esq music.)

They want us to stay indoors, but they don't know it themselves. That's just the way the market is going.

Shopping requires you to cut yourself off from human interraction. You don't want to get ripped off, you don't want to get mixed up and buy oranges instead of tampons, you don't want to miss the simpsons.

Demonstrations are different, you're going to miss the simpsons, you can't get ripped off because you've given all your money away, and someone will offer you an orange at some point. (Or perhaps even a tampon.)

Anyway, I'm going to order a pizza and stare at humans out of my window.


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Isn't this because whilst shopping although you are in the company of other people there is no uniting force - e.g. whilst in a demonstration you all have a united cause. This is what I reckon is then brokeness of society - there is no tribe any more -just family/friend units which are very insular - doh!

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