Saturday, April 10, 2010

The stealth nurse strikes again!

So anyways,

I was waiting outside the Canadian Embassy with a van full of assorted propoganda for a demonstartion against the inevitable cuts that all parties are planning to bring in. Sort of doing my civic duty, yeah? And this policman comes up to me and he's like, "So what are you doing here then?" and I'm all like "Who wants to know?".

It was a fabulous spring day, and the glint of it shone in just about everything. Even the mad christian women who bash about trying to convert atheist socialists had a rude glint their eyes.

And this copper was like "OK, I want to see some ID, are you allowed to drive this vehicle? Are you insured on it?" and this van is better insured than the copper, so I thought I'd have some fun.

I eventually pulled rank on him when he accused me of being rude to him, and I thought to myself, "OK, who's the one asking for trouble? Me or him?" and it was one of those moments where it was blatantly him who was asking for trouble, because he'd already sworn at me.

So I pulled the Stealth Nurse!!!!!!!!!!

"Well, officer, as a nurse I am also a public servant, and if I were to speak to a member of the public in the manner in which you have just spoken to me I would expect to be disciplined."

He then said "OK, shall we start again?" to which I said "I think we should, yes."
I still got one of them bloody tickets though, second this week. It's like a paper trail of harassment.


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