Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chapter Two.

The best thing about being a bird in a graveyard is that herrings are far from your mind. Of course, a cat generally doesn't think of herrings as a bird would. For a cat a herring is a taste, a vision and a smell. Western cats most often see herrings coming from a can, but they don't know they're herrings until the can is opened. Unless they are fed herrings often, in which case they generally think that all cans are full of herrings. Herring cans are the shape of puncture repair kits. If herring fed cats were in charge, this would not be the case, so as to avoid confusion.

Birds don't have to worry about such things, which leaves them free to pursue other matters. This is why birds are good at building nests. Birds build nests, while cats stare at cyclists. 'I know for a fact that there's a can of herrings in his backpack. Do I go for the herrings, or the bird?'

A large cat would go for the cyclist, but domesticated cats have to be wise in choosing their battles.

More on this later.


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